Queensland Transport and Main Roads

With over 30 successful streams right across Queensland, our services have proven 100% reliable at all Queensland locations. Our webcasts for Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads include multi-camera production, Powerpoint capture, Password protection and a White Label Webpage for each event. As preferred Live Video Streaming contractors, we produce up to 4 webcast events each month in Queensland.Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.10.33 AM

The Remote Control Tourist

The Remote Control Tourist featured portable High Definition transmission from two actors over 5 days through the streets of Melbourne. The award winning project for Tourism Victoria was 100% live with no downtime.

NSW Department of Finance

NSW Department of Finance conduct regular seminars, Town Halls, Policy Announcements and general staff training sessions from their Sydney offices. The live video streams are viewed at desks within the main office building and right across NSW at offices and on mobile devices.

Agency for Clinical Inovation

Another NSW Government Agency that relies on webcasting to train staff, deliver important information and ensure staff inclusion at remote locations.

Australian Wage Review

The Australian Annual Wage Decision is streamed by us each year since 2014 with important redundancy in place to ensure 100% transmission during the review and decision processes.

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